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Drama workshops again extend the boundaries

Once again Colston’s has extended the boundaries for drama students by securing the services of the celebrated Norwegian actor and director Lars Oyno for a morning of workshops.

  Lars Oyno with L6 drama students at Colston's  

Lars has built a worldwide reputation for his work with the avant-garde Grusomhetens Teater (Theatre of Cruelty) based in Oslo.

He and his actors are regarded as the world’s leading exponents of the physical performing style of French playwright Antonin Artaud.

Colston’s is fast building a reputation as one of the most interesting and significant centres for performance in the country.

Lars chose Colston’s as the only UK venue for an adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Ugly Duckling’. His group gave two performances in the school theatre last weekend when audiences included staff and pupils from other schools as well as Colston’s students.

  Lars Oyno with L6 drama students at Colston's  

“It’s a strange and challenging piece of work, and they chose to perform it at Colston’s because of the success we have had over many years in devising and performing drama inspired by Artaud,” explained Head of Drama Stephen Pritchard.

“For Lars to return and spend an entire morning putting us through the paces was a huge bonus, and an inspiration to all students who took part.”

They were split into three groups - two from the Lower Sixth and one from Year 11 – and discovered new levels of physical and mental agility.

Talking about it the next day, students described the experience as “Wonderfully weird” and “An insightful exploration into other dimensions of theatre”.

Lars Oyno with L6 drama students at Colston's

Other comments included:

“It made you use your voice and body to the full.”

“It looked strange and difficult. But if you did it right, and followed what Lars said, it quickly became familiar and easy to do.”

“Very helpful in preparation for performance including breathing and exercise.”

“The Artaud style, and the way it was taught by Lars, takes you to a different dimension in acting, including use of the whole body.”

“It helped overcome natural inhibitions about physical contact in performance.”

  Lars Oyno with L6 drama students at Colston's